Course :Oracle10gDBA Course

Course ID: DB-O-DBA
Prerequisites : Working experience with Oracle as a Developer Understands Oracle Architecture, Knowledge of Linux/ Unix Commands and Shell environment

Section- 1

Review of RDBMS concepts and Oracle10g Architecture and Internals
  • Your tasks as a DBA
  • Instance vs. database
  • Oracle Processes and memory ge --
  • User and Server Processes--
  • SGA/PGA--
  • Single Vs Multiple Process Architecture--
  • Server Processes (Background processes)--
  • Redo log and control files--
  • Checkpoint process--
  • Rollback and Undo segments--

Section- 2

  • Oracles OFA architecture-
    • Physical Layout--
    • Distributing physical structures --
  • Oracle's "Networked Environment”-
    • Understanding and configuring Net10g
    • Understanding Listener--
    • Understanding Client--
    • Setting up Oracle database connection from non-oracle clients (Microsoft Access, ODBC and Visual Basic)--

  • Section- 3

  • Oracle Installation Procedure and Database Creation-
    • Database Design Overview
    • Overview and Preparation for Installation
    • Database Products Installation and Test database creation
    • Create Database for
    • Data Warehouse, OLTP and Hybrid Database
    • Using DBCA and Connectivity Testing

      Section- 4

    • Oracle on Linux Unix and NT-
      • OS issues for Oracle
      • Basic Unix commands Shell Scripting required for installation
      • Job Scheduling - CRON and WINAT

      Section- 5

    • Managing Critical Database Elements, Users, Roles, Privileges and Profile-
      • Managing Datafiles, Tablespace, Redo Logs--
      • Managing Rollback Segments and UNDO Tablespaces--
      • Roles, Privileges and Profiles--

    • Section- 6

    • Developing and implementing correct backup strategy and Recovering database -
      • Protecting database
      • Performing Backups
      • Hot Backups
      • Cold Backups
      • Export/Import and Data Pump Technology
      • Archiving full database recovery
      • Introduction to standby database
      • Recovery Manager - Understanding and implementing
      • Recovery Manager Backup/recovery methods
      • Log Miner

      Section- 7

    • Oracle10g - Performance Tuning-
      • Tuning methods
      • Understanding Optimizer and Hints
      • Tuning memory and structures
      • Oracle10g tuning tools
    • Database Monitoring with Enterprise Manager-
      • Database Control and Enterprise manager
      • Monitoring Database with EM
      • Managing Users, privileges, roles and profiles
      • Killing sessions

      Section- 8

    • Oracle10 Advanced features -
      • Automatic Database Management
      • Automatic Workload Repository
      • Oracle Scheduler
      • Other New Features
    • Data Modeling-
      • Forward and reverse engineering

    Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

    • Examples based on theory
    • Exercises

    What you’ll learn

    You will have understanding and hands-on of
      • Understand the Oracle10g architecture, installation on NT, Linux and Unix
      • Configure and manage Oracle10g database
      • Perform effective storage management
      • Manage User accounts, privileges and roles
      • Database creation (OLTP, WAREHOUSE and HYBRID)
      •  Deploy appropriate backup strategy to safeguard Oracle10g database.
      • Oracle10g backup and recovery features – Recovery Manager
      • Exploit new features like “Data Pump” , SYSAUX Tablespace, Automatic Database Management, Automatic Workload Repository, Oracle Scheduler,
      • Oracle10g Server performance tuning
      • Oracle Networking environment and Net10g architecture  
      • Data Modeling – Forward and Reverse Engineering