Course : Business Objects

Course ID: DW-BO
Prerequisites: Data Warehouse Concepts & SQL skills

Section- 1

Introduction to Business Objects Product
  • Introduction to the Current Business Objects Product Line
  • Future Roadmap of the product
  • Business Objects Deployment architectures

Section- 2

Desktop Installation & Basic Reporting features
  • Install Desktop products
  • Functionality of each application/module
  • Data access methods
  • How to create basic report on Universe?
  • Building Queries with Other Types of Data Provider
  • Adding filters on report
  • Types of Reports
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Writing Formulas
  • Combining Data from Different Sources
  • Sub-queries in Business Objects
  • Working with Prompts
  • Working with Hierarchies
  • Analyzing Data in Drill Mode
  • Using Slice & Dice Mode

Section- 3

The Repository and Security
  • What is a Repository?
  • Introduction to Supervisor Module
  • How to create a Repository?
  • Repository domains
  • How clients access the repository?
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Managing Resources
  • Assigning Resources to Users
  • Overview of Business Objects Repository tables

Section- 4

Universe Design
  • Introduction to Designer
  • What is a Universe?
  • Universe Parameters
  • Adding Tables
  • Dimension and Detail Objects
  • Measure Objects
  • Using Conditions to Restrict Data
  • Using hierarchies
  • Joins
  • Loops
  • Aliases & Contexts
  • Using @Functions
  • Using external strategies
  • Using aggregate awareness
  • Checking the universe
  • Universe Distribution and Maintenance

Universe Design Techniques

Section- 5

Introduction to WEBI
  • Install Server product (WEBI)
  • Introduction to Infoview
  • Creating a documents in Infoview
  • Corporate /Inbox/ Personal documents
  • Categories
  • Organizing the data in document

Section- 6

Report Scheduling &Distribution
  • Introduction to BroadCast Agent
  • How to setup BCA account?
  • How to schedule /Distribute jobs?
  • How to monitor scheduled jobs?
Advanced topics
  • Server Administration
  • How Products Compare Functionally
  • Performance Issues & Tuning


Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises

What you’ll learn

  • Convert a business questions into efficient queries
  • Design Reports using tables, charts, breaks and formulas
  • Design Universes to represent business data in the Relational Tables
  • Understand Business Objects Administration