Course : Microsoft Visio 2010

Course ID:MSV
Prerequisites:Basic Computing Skills, Use of MS Word, MS Excel:


  • Visio Introduction
  • What is Microsoft Visio
  • Interface Overview and Toolbars
  •  Hiding and Showing Toolbars
  •  Choosing a Drawing Type
  • Drawing, Rulers, Grids, and Guides
  •  Using Zoom


  • Working with Shapes
  •  Using Shapes
  •  Selecting Shapes
  •  Cut, Copy, and Paste
  •  Using Undo
  •  Resizing Shapes
  •  Moving Shapes
  •  Duplicating Shapes
  •  Aligning and Distributing Shapes
  •  Rotating or Flipping Shapes
  •  Grouping Shapes


  • Working with Text
  •  Typing and Editing Text
  •  Using the Text Box Tool
  •  Changing Text Color, Size, and Alignment
  • Using the Format Painter
 Inserting Symbols


  • Working with Pages
  •  Adding Pages
  •  Switching Between Open Pages
  •  Removing Pages
  •  Using Page Setup


  • Enhancing Shapes
  •  Manually Connecting Shapes
  •  Auto Connecting Shapes
  •  Changing Line Styles
  •  Changing Fill Color
  •  Adding Shadows


  • Enhancing Drawings
  •  Inserting a Comment
  •  Adding Backgrounds
  •  Adding Borders and Titles
  •  Using a Theme
  •  Adding a Chart
  •  Inserting a Picture from ClipART


  • Working with Visio Files
  •  Using the Status Bar
  •  Using the Print Preview
  •  Saving a File in a Different Format
  •  Saving as a Web Page
  •  Using Templates
  •  Creating a Drawing to Scale
  •  Creating a Template
 Working with Multiple Drawings


Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises to Practice the Skills
  • Application of Skill and Understanding to their own projects


What you’ll learn

  • You will develop the Skill to Use the different components of MS Visio 2010
  • You will align your understanding of Project Management with the MS Visio 2010
  • You will apply the Skill and Understanding to your own Projects
  • You will explore the scope of MS Visio 2010, through sharing of your experiences