Course :Microsoft Project 2010

Course ID: MS-PM
Prerequisites: Basic Computing Skills, Use of MS Word, MS Excel, Basic Understanding of Project Management, and Some Experience in Project Management


  • Learners Brainstorm Project Management Processes
  • Comparing the Scope of MS Project 2010 to the results of brainstorming
  • Getting Started win MS Project 2010
  • Task lists – Creating – Organizing  – Linking – Documenting – Time Line
  • Understanding the requirements of the Student Project and completing Phase 1


  • Setting Up the Resources  - Man Power – Materials – Machines – Money – Time
  • Adjusting and Documenting Resources
  • Assigning Resources to the Tasks
  • Formatting and Printing the Project Plan – Gantt Chart and their Customization  - Reports – Texts
  • Set up Resources, Connect them to the Tasks, and Generate Gantt Charts for the Student Projects


  • Fine Tuning  Task Details – Interrupting -  adjusting – Setting Task Constraints – Setting Deadlines – Entering Fixed Costs
  • Critical Path
  • Fine Tuning Resources – Multiple Pay Rates – Varying Resource Availability – Consumption Rates – Different Cost Rates – Applying Contours to assignments
  • Applying the day’s learning to the Student Project


    • Fine Tuning Project Plan – Overtime – Resolving and Leveling Over allocation – Examining Project Cost and Finish Date
    • Organizing and Formatting Project Details
    • Printing Project Information
    • Applying Advance Formatting
    • Publishing the Project
    • Learners apply the days learning to the Student Projects


    • Sharing Project Information with other programs
    • Tracking Progress on Tasks and Assignments
    • Viewing and Reporting Project Status
    • Troubleshooting the project
    • Penultimate Phase of the student Project
    • Sharing and Resolving roadblocks in the Student Project


    • Customizing Project – Tool Bars & Macros
    • Measuring Performance with Earned Value Analysis
    • Consolidating Project and Resources
    • Completion of the Student Projects
    • Learners Present their Projects
    • Discuss their experience to bring out  the benefits and limitations of MS Project 2010


Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises to Practice the Skills
  • Application of Skill and Understanding to their own projects

What you’ll learn

  • You will develop the Skill to Use the different components of MS Project 2010
  • You will align your understanding of Project Management with the MS Project 2010
  • You will apply the Skill and Understanding to your own Projects
  • You will compare the capabilities of MS Project 2010 to demands of real project management and identify the benefits and limitations of MS Project 2010
  • You will explore the scope of MS Project 2010, through sharing of your experiences