Course : Mobile Application Development - Android

Course ID: MoAD-Ad
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Java

 Section- 1

  • Introduction What you should know
  • Installing SDK tools/Eclipse/AVD/ADT
  • Preparing Adroid Device for development
  • Android Archictecture
  • Understanding Project creature and structure
  • Understanding the AndroidManifest.xml file

 Section- 2

  • Activity Life Cycle Create and Manage Activities
  • Learn about Intents explicit and Implicit
  • Understanding Security and Permissions
  • Resources Creation and Utilization
  • Debugging Application - LogCat

 Section- 3

  • Understanding units and layout.
  • Using layout managers. Building list controls/Custom list layouts
  • Working with text/button and other controls
  • Multiple Screen Support
    Understanding screen sizes and density and alternate layout

 Section- 4

  • Invoking interpolator/accelerometer
  • Graphics and Styling Styles and Themes
  • Creating icons and nine patch drawables
  • Showing and responding to the system search dialog



 Section- 5

  • Animation and Graphichs frame by frame
  • Tween Animation and 2D Graphics
  • Building options menu and context menu
  • Building alert/progress and custom dialogs

  Section- 6

  • Display Toast notifications
  • Send notifications to the status bar
  • Use Web View to include web content in Activities
  • Developing an app using javascipt

 Section- 7

  • Creating a tabbed user interface
  • Setting Audio/Video playback
  • Accessing the camera and camera roll

 Section- 8

  • Using shared Preferences/Preference activity
  • Using the SQLite database
    Setting up network access
  • Using the content providers

 Section- 9

  • Incorporating Google Maps
  • Using GPS to trace current location
  • Using Webservices.

 Section- 10

  • Creating home screen widget
  • Creating widget configuration activity
  • Prepare the app for publishing/Signing and building
  • Preparing the graphics and publishing to Google Play
  • Conclusion Using SDK samples.




Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises


What you’ll learn

  • Mobile Application Programming for Android Devices