Course : Mobile Application Development - iPhone

Course ID: MoAD-iP
Prerequisites: Knowledge of C and Object Oriented Language

 Section- 1

  • Objective C Foundation Framework
  • Using Xcode and the iPhone Simulator
  • Develop a simple iPhone app using some classes from the UI Kit
  • Learn the language used in all iPhone development
  • Use the reference counting mechanism correctly to prevent memory leaks

 Section- 2

  • Objective C,
  • Subclass UI View for event handling and custom drawing
  • Drawing with Quartz
  • Dealing with Multi-touch events
  • Using the delegate design pattern

 Section- 3

  • Creating custom table view cells
  • Using the accelerometer for input and dealing with orientation
  • Using the notification design pattern to receive notifications of orientation
    change and Autorotation




  Section- 4

  • Making graphics move with Core Animation
  • Objective C Runtime
  • Using CA Animation to drive change over time,
    especially common for animated effects
  • Create applications with more than one view
  • Using UI Navigation Controller to create complex applications
  • Using and customizing the Key Value Coding and Observing mechanism.

 Section- 5

  • Archiving and Un-archiving by using NS Coder for data persistence
  • Using NSURL and NSURL Connection to access web services
  • Accessing the camera and using the Image Picker
  • Dealing with low-memory warnings
  • Adding methods to existing classes

 Section- 6

  • Playing sound and video
  • Use Location services to find your location using map kit
  • Develop international iPhone apps

 Section- 7

  • Publishing services and browsing for services on the network
  • user store preferences for your application
  • performance problems and memory leaks
  • Using Objective-C blocks
  • Using the iPad-only UISplitViewController




Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises


What you’ll learn

  • Mobile Application Programming for iPhone/iPad