Course :Software Testing Package

Course ID:QA-LR
Prerequisites:Knowledge of Computer

Section- 1

Module 1:  Testing Concepts and Manual Testing
  • Testing definitions and terminology’s
  • Testing Methodology
  • Types of Software Testing
  • Real-life examples of  Test Plan writing, Test Case  & Test Summary
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking
  • Test Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Types of requirements



Section- 2

  • Planning a Load Test
  • Understanding a Load Runner Scenario
  • Load Runner Transactions
  • Virtual User Generator ( VuGen )
  • Data Parameterization
  • Executing a Load
  • Analyzing the Load
  • Using Controller
Course Highlights
  • Quiz for each session
  • Hands on Practice
  • Self Paced learning sessions
  • Interactive sessions

Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises

What will I learn in class?

    • Testing definitions and terminology
    • Planning and writing test-cases
    • Build and execute manual and automated test sets
    • Recording and playback of automated tests using synchronization, checkpoints, and verification techniques
    • Running tests in batch mode
    • In-depth knowledge of data driven testing
    • Defect Reporting and Tracking
    • Report Generation
    • Load and Performance testing