Course :Java Package Course

Course ID:SMS-J                                                                               
Prerequisites:Beginners, Knowledge of  C is a plus, Knowledge of C++ is an advantage

Intro to JDK
  • Most commonly used utilities that are provided by JDK.
  • Explain the syntax of JDK tools
  • Java Virtual Machine
Programming basics in Java
  • Basic elements of Java Programming
  • Tokens
  • Data objects
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Other such separators, comments, operators
Control Flow Constructs
  • Basic flow constructs in Java
  • Control flow constructs used for iteration in Java
  • Define a class
  • Class methods
  • Overloaded class methods
  • Scope of a variable
  • Use of keywords new, this

  • Basics of OOPS
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
Standard Packages and API
    • General knowledge of Java API
    • How to navigate through hierarchy of API
    • Advantages and disadvantages of API
    • What are Vectors
    • Properties and methods of Vector class
    • Lifecycle of a thread
    • Thread methods
    • Multithreading and Synchronization
    Stream I/O
    • Define Streams
    • Input and output streams
    • Read from and write to files
    JDBC Overview
    • JDBC Architecture
    • JDBC Database Access


  • Define, create and initialize and access an array
  • Multi dimensional arrays
  • Command line arguments passed to a program
  • String object
  • StringBuffer object
  • StringTokenizer class

Swing Components
  • Define what Swing is and what it does
  • Different Swing components
  • Features of an Applet
  • Life cycle of an Applet

How to use an applet in a HTML page


Event Delegation Model
  • Events in Java
  • Event Objects
  • Different types of Event Objects
Exception Handling
  • Exception handling facilities
  • Use the try, catch and throw statements

Intro to Server-side Development
  • Distributed Processing ideas
  • Application Architectures
  • What are Servlets
  • Servlet roles
  • Servlet life cycle
JavaServer Pages(JSP)
  • Describe and create JavaServer pages
  • Elements of a JavaServer page


  • Describe a Java Bean
  • Java Bean features
  • Bean events and methods


What will I learn in class ?

    • Syntax of JDK tools
    • Basic elements of Java programs,controlflow constructs,fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
    • Relationships between classes liike inheritance,packaging,interfacing and access control
    • Understand the advantages of API,creation of GUI applications using Swing components,Applet life cycle
    • Events in Java,Java exception handling
    • Reading and writing to files
    • Threading,Multithreading,JDBC Architecture to communicate with Databases ,Servlets
    • Webserver,JSP,Servlets,