Course :IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration

Course ID: IBWSA
Prerequisites : This course is suited for system administrators whose responsibilities may include, but are not limited to setting up WebSphere Server  environments for the developers, configuring resources, monitoring resources & performance tuning of WebSphere Server environments

Section- 1

WebSphere Family Overview
  1. Overview of WebSphere Family
  2. Placement of WebSphere Application Server
  3. Editions of WAS available
 WebSphere Application Server Base & Network Deployment Installation
  1. Base Server Architecture
  2. Network Deployment Structure Architecture
WebSphere Application Server Administration
  1. Web based console Console Topology Modifying configuration
  2. Using JMX and wasadmin scripts

Section- 2

J2EE Components and Overview
  1. Overview
  2. Test Sample Application using JSP/Servlets/EJB
  3. Overview of EJB ge
Java Enterprise Application Assembly  & Installations
  • Application Assembly Tool (MVC)
  • Purpose of the AAT and ANT Deployments
  • Creating a new J2EE Module
  • Editing an existing J2EE Module
  • Deploying a simple EAR file
  • Results of deployment

Section- 3

WebSphere Application Server Security
  1. WAS security implementation
  2. Choosing a User Registry
  3. Configuration Single Sign On using WebSphere Internal Security
  4. Configuration Authentication/Authorization Mechanism
  1. Tools for Troubleshooting supplied with WAS
  2. Log Files
  3. Tracing

Section- 4

Session Management
  • Introduction of Plug-ins
  • Fail-over and Workload management
  • Overview of HTTP Sessions
  • Sharing sessions between servers
  • Database sharing
  • Memory to Memory Replication 
Workload Management
    Rationale behind workload management
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Horizontal Scaling
Performance Tuning tools Monitoring
  • Resource Analysis
  • PMI Framework
  • Tivoli Performance Viewer
  • Log Analysis

Section- 5

Installation Configuration of IBM Directory Server v5.1
  • Installation & Configration of LDAP
  • Installation of admin application on WebSphere Application Server Base
  • Configuring Simple, Peer-Peer Replication between LDAP Servers
WebSphere Edge Components
  • Edge Topology
  • Edge Component Overview
  • Load Balancers
  • Caching Proxy


Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises

What You'll Learn :

  • In this course, students learn how to install, configure and maintain IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment v5.1.Students will also learn to deploy enterprise J2EE applications in a single machine or clustered configuration. In the Advanced Configurations students will learn how to configure and implement Web Security (Authentication & Authorization) against user registry like IBM Directory Server v5.1 (LDAP) and using Authorization engine as IBM Access Manager (Base) v5.1.