Course :Unix/Linux System Administration Package

Course ID: RH-L                                                                         
Prerequisites:Knowledge of Computers.

Section- 1

Introduction to Unix and Unix system administration

 Different flavors of UNIX existing  Responsibilities of UNIX administrator

UNIX  commands
UNIX administration commands


Section- 2

Introduction of Solaris

Sun Solaris Installation
Workstation of server

Account maintenance
System software packages

OS upgrade



Section- 3

 Backup and Restore

Backup commands of cpio, tar, ufdump, buckup and pax
Difference between cpio and tar and its advantages.
Backup problems and troubleshooting

Section- 4

Printer administration

Shell programming

Bourne, Korn programming Concepts of shell programming

Scheduling cronjobs and system accounting and system monitoring

Section- 5

System performance tuning

Concepts of Networking

Remote system administration commands

Section- 6

Hardware background required for System Administrator
Introduction to Volume manager




What will I learn in class?

  • To understand the basic working of Unix
  • Concepts of VI ,Shell Programming and AWK
  • Unix system administration skills to take up System Administration job
  • Knowledge of Advanced networking concepts like DNS/NIS/NFS
  • Understanding of latest versions of Unix
  • Practical experience in printer administration,DNS and NFS
  • Troubleshooting  Unix  system problems