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Course ID: CC_201412
Prerequisites:Basic Knowledge of Industry in Assets | Material Management | Basics of Unix | Linux | Windows, Some Web Knowledge and Java


 IBM Maximo Asset Management Overview
  • Framework Overview
  • Business Requirements Overview


 Core Data Setup and Configuration
  • Entering and Configuring Organizations and Sites
  • Defining and Organizing the Classification Hierarchy
  • Defining and Entering Locations and Location Hierarchies
  • Entering and Registering Labor and Users


 Item and Asset Planning and Setup
  • Defining and Setting Up Item and Asset Configurations
  • Entering Assets
  • Associating and Configuring Supporting Asset Data
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics, and Reports


  • Requisitioning
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliations
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics, and Reports


 Work Management
  • Setting Up Job Plan Templates
  • Setting Up Scheduled or Routine Maintenance
  • Activities
  • Creating and Generating Tickets and Work Orders
  • Planning Work
  • Scheduling Work
  • Assigning and Dispatching Work
  • Work Completion and Reporting
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics, and Reports


 Work Automation









Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises to Practice the Skills
  • Application of Skill and Understanding to their own projects

What you’ll learn

IBM Maximo Asset Management Overview, Core Data Setup and Configuration, Item and Asset Planning and Setup, Procurement, Work Management, Work Automation