Kaizen Technologies, Inc.

Cloud Computing-Amazon

Course ID: CC_201412
Prerequisites:SDLC, Database Fundamentals, Basic System Architecture


  • Introduction- What is cloud computing
  • Cloud components and infrastructure
  • Storage, database and services overview


  • Setting up the Visual Studio and Azure SDK
  • Development tools
  • Overview of Azure


  • Understand Roles and role entry points
  • WCF Service
  • Managing Storage accounts
  • Core Storage Classes
  • Queue and Message Programming


  • Non Relational Entity Storage
  • Programming with Tables
  • Table storage Operations and Design Stratgey


  • Programming with Blobs
  • Blocks and Parallel Operations
  • Azure Storage Scalability
  • Data Data Import Process, Indexing in Windows
  • Azure Storage


  • Shared Access Overview
  • Access Signatures for Blobs and Queues
  • Shared Access Signatures


  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services
  • AWS-Components
  • Management and Administration tools


  • AWS-Sign-up
  • Launching and Managing EC2 Instance
  • AWS- SDK Configuration
  • Storing Objects in Amazon S3
  • Amazon Simple DB for record Management
  • Queue Service
  • Notification Service


  • Shared Security
  • Security Groups
  • Virtual Private Cloud

Each Day includes Theory and Lab practice

  • Examples based on theory
  • Exercises to Practice the Skills
  • Application of Skill and Understanding to their own projects