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Kaizen Technologies, Inc started in 1995 as a Product Solutions Company.Today it has expanded to:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Business Solutions
  • IT Staffing
  • Training Services
  • Engineering Services


Kaizen Online Learning : Kaizen is an industryleader in utilizing the most up-to-date learning platform called LearnBeyond. LearnBeyond is a next-generation eLearning solution that offers learners (individuals / schools / organizations) the ability to create, manage and deliver learning programs and assessments - completely online. Built on proprietary platform called CourseBuilder, LearnBeyond offers eLearning possibilities that are way ahead of the market. The program is developed on J2EE Technologies and backend is MySQL , Oracle. And Flex.

Kaizen Virtual Server: Kaizen Online Virtual Server is the solutions for the online learning and Lab practice for the Students . It complements the online Learning of the students to access and learn interactively with the faculty and to do the lab assignments. This is developed on Ubuntu, Virtual box.

CONREP: Conrep's Applicant Tracking System (CATS) reduce time-to-hire, automates staffing processes, and provides competitive tools to improve the productivity of your Sales and Recruiting team. Some of the essential features of CATS are:

  • Work-flow Resume Parsing
  • Resume Board Searching
  • Mass Mailing
  • Outlook Integration
  • Reporting Software

CATS supports Window, MAC, Linux, PHP, and Oracle platforms

Software Development: Kaizen Enterprise Services include Software Development, Software Maintenance Tech Staffing, and Engineering.Kaizen has created customized highly scalable and inter-operable software solutions such as RapIT, eManuPro, QA Monitor, and Virtual Schools.

ZenEagleis the latest neutral software product for monitoring a wide range of application servers with a web-based dashboard.ZenEagle provides a unified console to get the most out of your integrated applications for effective real-time tracking and monitoring.

For more information on these programs contactnj@kaizentek.com