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" passed the test today. So thanks to you and all the wonderful folks at Kaizen……"


It has been a true pleasure to have you as my Teacher, and to be in the PMP Class with…... I will remember the mutual learning, friendship, support, help and the fun all of us shared, always………..


I PASSED! But it was by far the hardest test I've ever taken in my life….. Our class was special and we shared some important times in our lives together. You will always be a part of this credential for me


I want you to know that I feel veryfortunate that my school search ended up with Kaizen and especially with you Ram as a teacher…. I also realized how much PMP course helped me with every aspect of my life and because I took it I have good friends now……


…I could not express how much I appreciated your help and Kaizen Technologies, Inc... -


I am so happy that I had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Office, MS Project and especially Ravi's PMP training last year for without that training none of the above would have been possible. So, again, thank you Ram, Ravi, Sundar and George for preparing me for this new career. As a friend of Kaizen Technologies………..


I wish to let you know that the PMP training course with Dr. Ravi Pandian , that I attended at Kazien Technologies from June to September, was excellent, and helped me better understand the principals of good project management practice. Ravi made the course interesting, with examples of how project management practices were applied to real world business problems. He prepared us very well for the PMP exam, which I intend to take later this year. The course material, PMP books, MS-Project course taught by Sundar K, and the practice exams, are all very useful to students wishing to prepare for the PMP exam. This course helped keep me focused on project management, during my transition period, and has been useful to me in my new project management position. I am managing three new projects and the course helped me better understand the planning and execution tasks, involved with good project management practices.

I also want to let you know that the MS –Office course, with George Acevedo was also very useful to me. George’s instruction and lab work on MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint were well done, and provided me with additional computer skills that helps me better do my work.

It was a pleasure to attend your training at Kazien Technologies, and I would recommend it to any professional, looking to upgrade their skills, for a new position.


…I just wanted to thank you for every thing you've done for me. After getting training from Kaizen I got a great job...Thanks for your encourgment and teaching that I got to this point...


The good news is I Got the Job ……. I did learned something and they sure are helpful. I wish everyone in the class "All The Best".


I took my PMP Exam this afternoon and am pleased to inform you that I passed it.Thanks to Kaizen for having a great instructor and for the availability of Transcender which was a tremendously helpful study and review aid. And thanks too,to Deb Czerna for all your help and support. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes at Kaizen Technologies and will certainly recommend it to my friendss and associates.


I was very happy with my training at Kaizen. Shashi is an excellent instructor and helped me to achieve my goals. his technique to make us play\act different roles made it easier for me to memorize and understand many concepts. His exam tips & study plan tips were very helpfuland I followed tehm and succeeded My colleagues were helpful as well sharing different materials that they see valuabe. I will recommend Kaizen to any of my friends who needs to train and I will look forward to future training sessions at Kaizen in different area.

I received the aspired and longed for email message "Congratulations on obtaining the PMP Credentials!". Needless to say, I am happy to have passed to qualify for the PMP credential. Thanks to all of you, mates, friends and well-wishers. I needed you all along. I ask that one and all feel free to let me know if I be of assistance in this bid, or some other ways.Thank y'all.
Milena Murray
Suvra Datta did an exceptional job presenting the material. She set up by examining what she was going to teach us, summarized and proceeded to teach, providing relevant real life examples. She found out what we handled catered examples to us to make the course material meaningful. The Access class was very well done, which I attribute primarily to the instructor and secondarily to the quality materials. Suvra was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from.