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Corporate Training


The goal of our Corporate Training Division is to provide the highest quality technical education to companies seeking to significantly improve workforce performance. The corporate training division of the Company designs cost-effective training programs. These programs maximize the productivity of our clients' employees.  Effective and efficient corporate education begins with acquiring a keen understanding of strategic organizational objectives. Our corporate account executives act as an extension of your organization, serving your needs with an internal approach - successfully guiding you from gathering requirements through assessment and reporting.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is different. We realize that companies invest in training for one reason – to increase productivity. Therefore we have built core competencies around this belief. Our approach is to increase user productivity through prescriptive learning via instructor-led training, computer-based training and web-based training strategies. We help you achieve maximum return on your investment by bridging the gap between your team’s current skill set, and the skill set you need them to acquire.

Just-in-Time, Just-Enough-Training

Technology is changing the way everyone does business, so organizations must look beyond traditional "off-the-shelf" training to meet this new demand. Kaizen Technologies creates turn-key custom solutions utilizing a "Just-in-Time, Just-Enough-Training philosophy. Through careful needs analysis, we come to completely understand your objectives, target audience, and delivery environment. We let these factors drive our recommended strategy and training solutions to give you just the training you need to make you more productive in the workplace.